Welcome to Iron Kingdoms UNLEASHED.

The Summons
You have been summoned by the blackclads of the Northern Dominion of the Circle to an enclave in the Gallowswood. The summons was hand carried by blackclad Wardens to your Chieftains who all owe the Circle of Orboros in some manner or other. Every Chief contacted sent warriors to answer the call and you are among them. Your trip to the Gallowswood is dangerous and long. You were directed by your Chief to meet a Warden at Broken Sword an ancient battlefield halfway between Volningrad and Midfast along the Orlovosk Highway.

Shadow Raven the Blackclad Warden
The Warden can be found just off the road near the outskirts of the battlefield. He is waiting alone except for his spirit animals the Owl Pickles and a Wolf named Abasdarhon. Shadow is a creepy guy covered in bare-chested well muscled and covered in black tattoos that glow a faint blue. As the Players arrive they are greeted by name and thanked in the language of their races, an unnerving trick since none of you have ever meet this Warden, but he is unmistakably the person you are looking for. You sit around the camp as all the players arrive, before each PC appears Shadow stands and turns to face the place where they will emerge from.

Assault at Fort Ironwood